Hre 2723 Final Paper Assignment

Pros: All the assignments are pretty self-explanatory and due once a week, every Sunday and are very, very easy.

You have to write a 10-18 page paper, but it is SUPER easy because its all about you, so it's a nice grade boost if you're doing poorly in the class.

It's all online, so you never have to worry about going to class.

Both the Midterm and Final study guide are on Koofers and that is all you need to study.

Cons: There are only two tests, Midterm and Final.

Each assignment is worth a lot, so if you forget or miss one, your grade automatically goes down by 2%.

The tests are a lot of information to study, but at the same time a lot of it is common sense and Koofers has the Midterm and Final study guide which got me a B on both exams.

There are no curves on any assignments, papers or tests.

There are a lot of "self evaluation" quizzes that you have to take in the textbooks and online, so give yourself at least two hours to do your homework, just in case. You'll need all the "self evaluation" quizzes for the paper you have to write, so make sure to remember them and save the results. The paper only takes about four hours to write if you leave it to the last minute. He gives you a lot of youtube videos to watch and take notes on, but I received a B in the class without watching a single one. Overall, a very easy class as long as you remember that you're taking it and turn in all of your assignments. This class is procrastinator friendly and you will do well if you simply try and take it seriously.

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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1 – What is your definition of leadership after completing this course? After completing this course, my definition of a leader has change. I define leadership as setting an example of what should be done. A leader does not do the work, but observes others do the work. It is important to focus on several behaviors of the work place or group you are leading. As a leader, you are influencing others and guiding them to make the best decisions and to work to their best abilities. It is your jobs to support others and to make sure tasks are accomplished. You must first lead by example. You cannot demand respect from others if you are not setting the stage first. It is important to remember each person in your group and to celebrate accomplishments. That is one of the most important issues I have learned as a leader. If you do not tell others that they have improved or showed them any different when they are accomplishing goals, then they will not have incentive to do better. If you are not trying to improve, then what is the point of doing it? You must have incentive and ambition in any type of work in order to maintain status. 2 – For this section, you are to set a specific leadership goal for yourself in the next 12 months . This could be a position of leadership, a leadership role, or a leadership initiative you want to undertake. It can be in any context—your work, community, student organization, sports team, etc. In the next twelve months, my goal is to help the basketball team I coach reach further goals. Each member on the team has difficulties in different areas. While one member may struggle with simple, short shots, another member may struggle with more difficult shots. As a coach, I am able to point out each person’s weak points. As a team, we need to work together on each weak point and work to make the team successful as a whole. In the next year, my goal is to help each player to learn her role on the team. Whether a player is better suited as a guard, or as a motivator on the bench, the point is to make the teamwork together. We also share a united goal of becoming state champions. It is important to look at our future goal now. Each day, if we are reminded that we want to reach the national championship, we will work harder. Having a goal

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