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1 Privacy Preserving Data Sharing With Anonymous ID Assignment

2 AbstractAn algorithm for anonymous sharing of private data amon^ parties is developed.This technique is used iteratively to assign these nodes ID numbers ranging from 1 to JV.Thisas- signment is anonymous in that the identities received are unknown to the other members of the group.Resistance to collusion among other members is verified in an information theoretic sense when private communication channels are used.

3 Abstract con…This assignment ofse- rial numbers allows more complex data to be shared and has appli­cations to other problems in privacy preserving data mining, colli­sion avoidance in communications and distributed database access.The required computations are distributed without using a trusted central authority.

4 Existing SystemTHE popularity of internet as a communication medium whether for personal or business use depends in part on its support for anonymous communication.Businesses also have legitimate reasons to engage in anonymous communication and avoid the consequences of identity revelation.For example, to allow dissemination of summary data without revealing the identity of the entity the underlying data is associated with, or to protect whistle-blower’s right to be anonymous and free from political or economic retributions [1].Cloud-based web¬site management tools [2] provide capabilities for a server to anonymously capture the visitor’s web actions.The problem of sharing privately held data so that the individuals who are the subjects of the data cannot be identified has been researched ex-tensively [3].Researchers have also investigated the relevance of anonymity and/or privacy in various application domain.

5 System specificationHARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor : intel Pentium IV Ram : 512 MB Hard Disk : 80 GB HDD SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Operating System : windows XP / Windows 7 FrontEnd : Java BackEnd : MySQL 5

6 ConclusionEach algorithm compared in Section VI can be reasonably implemented and each has its advantages.Our use of the Newton identities greatly decreases communication overhead.This can enable the use of a larger number of “slots” with a consequent reduction in the number of rounds required.The solution of a polynomial can be avoided at some expense by using Sturm’s theorem. The development of a result similar to the Sturm’s method over a finite field is an enticing possibility.


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