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The Camel and His Friends- Literary Analysis The Camel and His Friends is one of the five chapters in The Panchatantra, a collection of beast fables that originate from India. It was originally written within 100 BC to AD 500 in Sanskrit by Arundhati Khanwalker. This fable has been translated to different languages spoken around the world, including countries as far as Asia, Indonesia, and Europe. It was translated in english by Arundhati Khanwalkar. The story is made up of six characters; the Camel, the Merchant, the Lion, the Leopard, the Fox, and the Crow. After the Camel is abandoned by the merchant, he eventually comes across the Lion, the Fox, and the Crow. The moral of this story is to not easily trust the friends around you, to…show more content…

The precipitating incident is when the Lion was wounded and unable to catch food for his friends, and then it transitioned to the falling action, being the sacrifice proposal from the Fox. Lastly the Resolution is that the Camel was eaten by his rescuers after accepting his offer of sacrifice. The generic structure of this story helps us focus not on the narrative characteristics and figurative language, but on the meaning behind the story. This story specifically values loyalty, nobility, and honesty. Throughout the course of the story, the camel is constantly treated badly. He was abandoned at the beginning, "The merchant decided to leave the camel and go on his way" and then betrayed with no hesitation at the end, "And in no time he was killed by the three rouges, the false friends." Arundhati Khanwalker tries to teach the reader a lesson through the Camel's experiences and hardships. Also, the moral, "Be careful in choosing your friends" refers to friendship being neglected, and those who initially took the camel in betrayed him by killing and eating him. After the Lion accepted the Camel's request for sacrifice, "Stand aside friend leopard, the king and you have close family ties. It is me whom the master shall eat.", he called him a noble camel, which portrays how much the Lion appreciated the offer and this situation portrays the value of nobility in the story. As this story states the hidden moral behind the story, "Be careful in

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In a parable The Camel and His Friends by Bidpai, the jungle represents our harsh society; A society IN WHICH we have a lot of different kinds of personalities. This small society has an honorable lion, a treacherous fox, and a naïve camel. The parable shows us how cruel our society can be. First of all, we will be left behind if we CANNOT catch up with our friends like the caravan left the camel back in the jungle. Everyone should take care of themselves and not be A burden for other people. Secondly, there are good AND honest people as well as deceitful AND dishonest people around us. Everyone thinks and does things in their best interest for themselves first. Although the lion is an honorable creature, he has to eat the camel because he desires to live. Furthermore, other animals trick the camel to volunteer to be the lion’s meal because they need THE lion to protect them. This parable shows us the other side of friendship. Although friends can be made everywhere, not all friends can be trusted.

Another interesting story about human nature is a tale by Chuang Chou. The tale is short, but its moral is as deep and meaningful as The Camel and His Friends'. Chou wants to send us a message that power and money are an illusion. Freedom is the most precious treasure. Chou tells the story OF a tortoise to represent his personality to two officials. Then Chou deliberately asks the two officials to answer a question about WHETHER the tortoise wantS to live in THE mud or be honored in a box, which he knows the answer. He wants the officials to realize they also have the answer that they are coming to ask him. He would rather live POORLY and FREELY, than to be rich but lose his freedom. In addition, the two officials play THE majority of us who are chained to the world of materials, yet only Chou has the wisdom to break free from the chains.

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