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       GAHS Social Studies Weighted Assignments

       For students enrolled in World Cultures as 9th graders, Modern American History as 10th graders, and Government and Economics as 11th graders, a challenging research paper assignment is offered as an option for those wanting a weighted distinction calculated into their social studies grades.  These optional research papers encourage students to explore facets of history they find interesting that fall within the realm of applicable content for the course, but might not be covered in class.  Use the links below to navigate to the specific weighted assignment that pertains to you or your student.  All weighted assignments are based on strict adherence to the following benchmark deadlines.  Any questions about the weighted assignments should be directed to the student's respective social studies teacher.

    • (first two weeks of class)  Teachers will present and explain the weighted assignment opportunity.
    • (4.5 weeks into the semester)  Students must decide to opt in or opt out of completing the weighted assignment.
    • (half semester)  Each student who elects to complete the weighted assignment must submit a thesis paragraph identifying his or her proposed topic, an outline of the research paper to be assembled, and a sufficient list of sources from which information will be researched.
    • (13.5 weeks into the semester)  Students should submit their first copies of their research papers to their social studies teachers.  The revision process will occur for the remainder of the semester until the social studies teacher determines that a student has attained a satisfactory grade on his or her research paper according to the the posted rubric.

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