Abyssinia Gcse History Coursework

Today you are going to work with your critical partner. One of you will start answering one essay question, whilst the other one begins another. Half-way through the lesson you will swap over. We shall be using Google Docs to do this. :-)

Here's what to do:

  1. Decide which of you is going to answer which question first.
  2. Each of you begin a new Google Doc, copying-and-pasting the question at the top.
  3. Invite your critical partner and Mr Belshaw (mrbelshaw@gmail.com) to be able to access the Google Doc.
  4. Brainstorm and then answer your first question.
  5. Half-way through the lesson, save your work and then start on the other one that has been started by your critical partner.
  6. Once you have both finished your answers, copy-and-paste them onto your blog along with relevant images and links for further reading!

The questions:

a) Neville Chamberlain has been accused of being directly responsible for the Second World War. Would you agree that he is guilty of this?

b) Some have said that the Nazi-Soviet Pact was the single most important reason for the start of the Second World War. Would you agree with this judgement? Explain your answer. 

Links to help you:

Nazi-Soviet Pact


This should be finished by Tuesday 5 May 2009 if you do not complete it today. :-)

  • In December 1934, a dispute about the border between Abyssinia and the Italian Somaliland flared into fighting.

  • In January 1935, Haile Selassie, the emperor of Abyssinia, asked the League to arbitrate.

    In July 1935, the League banned arms sales to either side, and in September 1935, it appointed a five-power committee to arbitrate.

  • In October 1935, the League's committee suggested that Italy should have some land in Abyssinia.

    Instead, Italy's 100,000-strong army invaded Abyssinia. The Italian troops used poison gas and attacked Red Cross hospitals.

  • Britain and France refused to intervene. In December 1935, news leaked out about the Hoare-Laval Pact - a secret plan made by the foreign secretary of Britain and the prime minister of France to give Abyssinia to Italy.

    In the end, the League did almost nothing. By May 1936, Italy had conquered Abyssinia.

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