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Best Answer:  Yes your resume only tells your employer with your qualifications for your job are, the cover letter tells them why you want the job. Cover letters are an important part of a resume and I wouldn't send one without it. Even if the job your applying for isn't that great you should still submit a cover letter with it because it will make you stand out from others trying to get the same job; it's your why of telling the employer not just why you qualified for the job, but why you want to work there. Also, since your only in high school it will show that you know what your doing even though you are young.
Also, if you are called in for an interview make sure to write your interviewer a thank you note after wards. This is an important part of the interviewing process and today many people don't do to. A note will not only bring your name to the attention of the interviewer again, but will show the that you are committed to that job.


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Best Answer:  The format for a cover letter is standard. Your letter should conform to acceptable business practice. The first paragraph of the letter should establish: Why you are writing. What position you are applying for. And how you found out about the position.

The second paragraph provides you the opportunity to match your unique skills and abilities with those required for the position. You need to direct the employer to your resume and then state those assets that do not appear on your resume but that qualify you for the position.

The third paragraph is your closing paragraph. It states your appreciation for the employer’s time and consideration, and when you will contact him or her to set up an appointment.

An acceptable closing is Yours truly, or Very truly yours or Sincerely

Here is an example of a good cover letter.

498 Blackstone Drive
Malvern, New York 13341

February 15, 2007

Mr. Jack Sample
Managing Director
All City Clubs, Inc.
213 West 33 Street, Suite 403
New York, NY 11093

Dear Mr. Sample:

Enclosed is my resume in application for the Counselor Training Program that was advertised in the New York Times on Saturday, February 15, 2007.

I am a recent high school graduate with strong communication skills and a firm commitment to working with young people. As an Eagle Scout and honor student, I have always been active in community organizations. My time as a volunteer in the YMCA tutoring program was well spent, and the personal rewards gained from working with young people influenced and shaped my career goals. I feel confident that I would make an excellent candidate for your counselor-training program.

I want to thank you for your time and consideration. I will call on Wednesday, February 21, to discuss a convenient time to meet. I look forward to speaking with you.

Yours truly,

David Bartlett


I hope the foregoing helps you. If you need more help go to the links below and type "How to write a resume."




Peace and every blessing!


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