Celta Assignment 1 Language Related Task

Celta Assignment 1, Language-Related Task Essay

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1st pair of sentences:

1a) She’s lived there for years.

1b) She lived there for years.


1a)’s conventional grammar term is ‘present perfect’, and its constituent parts are: subject + auxiliary verb has (conjugated here for ‘She’ i.e. has) + _____ed (i.e. past participle)

1b)’s conventional grammar term is ‘past simple’, and its constituent parts are: subject + ______ ed (i.e. past tense)

The meaning of 1a) is that ‘she’ lived ‘there’ in the past, she lives there now, and she will presumably be living there for some indeterminable time in the future, whereas the meaning of 1b) is that ‘she’ lived ‘there’ in the past, for some years, and is not living there now.…show more content…

…with pronunciation

• ‘Leaving’ could pose a problem for some learners – the /v/ sound. • The sound: ‘ŋ’ could also be an issue. • Weak forms: ‘were’ ‘had’ and ‘the’. • The ‘had’ in the past perfect is sometimes contracted, it is so weakly pronounced.

Checking understanding

Three timelines showing the orders of events.

2a) [pic]
Showing that something happened before something else.

2b) [pic]

Showing that something happened at the same time as something else. We can add another cross in the same place.

2c) [pic]
Showing that something happened before, during and after an event.

CCQs in the case of a), b), c).

• Were the students still there after the bell rang? a) No b) No c) maybe • Were the students there when the bell started to ring? a) No b) yes c) no • Did the students leave before the bell started to ring? a)Yes b) no c) yes • When the bell started to ring, were the students still sitting down? A) no b) yes c)no • What tense is this? a) Past perfect, b) past simple, c) past continuous

3rd sentence

I was going to call you yesterday

Conventional grammar term: Past simple with ‘going to’ (Future in the past)

Constituent parts: Subject + was/were + going to + verb (i.e. infinitive)


Used to express the idea that in the past it was thought that something was going to happen. Whether it did or not does not matter.


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