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On behalf of all West Baton Rouge Parish school employees we are excited to kick off the 2017-2018 school year.  Whether you are joining the WBR family for the first time or you have been part of our community for years, we look forward to getting to know you better and to working with you.  We know that our partnership is vital to the educational success of our students and the fulfillment of our mission: to Inspire Academic Excellence and Develop Student Character. 

We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which all students can learn.  We believe that having high expectations and loving our students will lead to achievement beyond what most think is possible. Our goal is to ensure that our students have the different skills needed to be successful and pursue their dreams.

We feel fortunate to serve the West Baton Rouge Parish Community and are more than thankful for your confidence in allowing us to teach your children. Thank you for your support and we look forward to a Magical Year of Making Awesome Happen.  


Wes Watts


Why teach in WBR?  (Find out all about WBR!)

Since ancient times, mariners have named as “Polaris” the star on the tip of the handle of the “Little Dipper” because it points the direction to the North Pole. It is also the name of a software product from the company Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (www.iii.com) that we are now using at WBRPL to guide us, like the North Star, to a “pole” or goal of better service to you, our patrons.

Polaris ILS is our new Integrated Library System: www.iii.com/products/polaris-ils/. It went online two weeks ago, and we have been fine-tuning it since to offer you a more streamlined and effective service in acquiring, finding, and retrieving the books, talking books, serials, DVDs, and other resources that you request of us, your library staff. In licensing this software, WBRPL joins the technical ranks of the Chicago Public Library among other major urban library systems and several Louisiana libraries that already use Polaris. Polaris this year integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud platform. As a company, Innovative Interfaces, Inc. maintains its edge in the field of information technology. Their brochure states:

“The Polaris ILS is designed from the ground up to provide a robust and scalable software  solution with powerful staff tools and an intuitive experience for patrons. Built on a Microsoft SQL server database platform with documented APIs, the Polaris ILS is open to connections: with your patrons and their social media, with third-party vendors, and with resources beyond your walls. The future of library services is open.”

The best thing about Polaris is that its “…open system architecture with APIs and cloud optimization to ensure our system is open, scalable, and extensible for the future.” This is “techie talk” but what this means to you, our patrons, is that our Network Administrator (in-house IT manager) can create customized modules and reports according to our every need, allowing us to use every means at our disposal to speed, target, and facilitate your transactions at our Library, using computers and software to bring 21st century library service to West Baton Rouge Parish. You may not see many changes on-screen, but we hope you “feel” the change as you use the services of our parish Library. Come visit us and give us the opportunity to help you find something fun and/or useful!

Until next time, this is…Librarian Lou, signing off!

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