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We use Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and the latest editions of the APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style guides.

Academic Editing

Do You Need an Editor for Your Thesis, Dissertation, Admission Essay, Term Paper, or Capstone Project?

Achieving your educational goals often begins with strong writing and communication skills. At Compass Rose, we provide professional academic editing and proofreading at a price that is affordable. Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student, or a high school senior with an admission essay, we will edit your paper for grammar, punctuation, and overall structure, ensuring that the manuscript conforms to the specific style guide required by your academic institution. We are experienced in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, so let us handle the details of grammar and format while you focus on the content.

How We Edit Your Academic Paper

We can edit whole papers or select chapters of your manuscript. We use the track-edits and comments features of Microsoft Word to edit your manuscript. Most academic projects fall under the Extended Proofreading / Line-by-Line Copyediting service, which is $3.95 per page (page = 250 words). The price INCLUDES formatting and verifying each source in the reference list. We check that the URL or DOI link for each source works and ensure that every source referenced within the text is included in the reference list / bibliography and vice versa. The reference list is one of the most important sections of a paper and also the one prone to the most errors. It’s important to get it right!

Be sure to check our Editorial Rates page for any current specials on proofreading, copy editing, and book design.

Style Guides

No matter which style your academic institution requires for your dissertation, thesis, or capstone project, we use the most recent edition of the prescribed style guide to copy edit your paper. If your particular department has supplementary rules or guidelines that deviate from the standard style, we can incorporate them. Please note that in the field of publishing, style guides cover such matters as punctuation rules; when to use italics or bold text; how and when to capitalize certain words; the proper format for tables, graphs, and charts; and so forth. We will use the appropriate style guide to help you with the mechanics of getting your paper ready for publication or to fulfill your degree requirements.

APA Papers

We use the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, also known as the APA style guide, when editing your paper. APA style comprises a set of guidelines and rules for writing and formatting articles to be published in APA journals or for academic institutions that require APA style. It is the most widely accepted style format for research papers, particularly for social science manuscripts, books, and theses.

A vintage postcard showing students of the University of Chicago. The school was founded in 1890 as a co-educational institution. In 1891, the University of Chicago Press was founded at the college. It is the oldest continuously operating university press and is today the largest university press in the United States. It publishes the well-known The Chicago Manual of Style.

MLA Papers

The MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing was first published by the Modern Language Association of America in 1985 and is, according to their literature, "the standard guide for graduate students, scholars, and professional writers." Over 1000 scholarly and literary journals, magazines, and newspapers use MLA style, as well as countless humanities departments, particularly in English and literature disciplines and media studies. We use the most recent edition of the MLA guide when editing your manuscript.

Chicago Manual of Style Papers

The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is an academic style guide for the use of American English. It is published by the University of Chicago Press (from which it receives its name). It prescribes a writing style that is widely used in the academic world as well as the publishing industry. CMS deals with all aspects of the editorial process, from American English usage and grammar to document preparation, formatting, and publishing. We use the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style when preparing your paper.

Turnaround Time

Most papers can be returned in five to seven business days. To review our current pricing, go to Editorial Rates. If you are ready to get started, Contact Us for more information.

What You Can Expect
                   From Those Who Know...

"Rarely have I experienced the knowledge, attention to detail, and overall support provided by Jill Eastwood. I learned more about professional writing as her client than I did in most university courses. It was a pleasure to see my dissertation receive such perfect treatment. Thanks again, Jill"~
John Whiting, Ed.D., University of San Francisco
Juvenile Court and Community Schools, Los Angeles County Office of Education, CA

"The level of professional expertise Jill offers is both comforting and reassuring. Putting it point blank, Jill is good at what she does. This is evident on the front end by her willingness to guarantee her work. The professional support she then produces creates a team endeavor that eliminates the normal insecurities that come with conducting this type of work alone. For me, and my master's thesis, Jill was a godsend. Its nice to know there are people like her who truly work for the greater good"~
Farmer Malone III, M.A., CADC, Walden University
Volunteers of America, Louisville, KY

"I owe so much to Jill for bettering my academic career. It is because of her that I approach my writing and research on a much more scholarly plane. I know I still have MUCH to learn, but thanks to Jill's kindness, patience, knowledge, and professionalism, I feel more confident, not only in my writing, but also in my teaching. I really believe I can do it on the next level: the university sphere. Thanks so much for everything, Jill"~
Phillip Crenshaw, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
East Central Community College, Decatur, MS

"Ms. Eastwood's dedication to her profession and clients is extraordinary. She gives her full attention to the needs of her clients and delivers work when promised. Ms. Eastwood's professionalism shines through her client relationships, and it is apparent that her heart is in her work. I would highly recommend Ms. Eastwood to anyone looking for a dissertation editor. Her guidance, patience, and understanding throughout our work together definitely made my dissertation experience easier and I will be eternally grateful for her constant support"~
Ana Rodriguez-Ecay, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Mater Academy East, Miami, FL

"Jill Eastwood is truly a wordsmith! Her expertise provided me with the reassurance I needed to complete the dissertation process. I was at my wits end with revisions and rewrites until Jill provided her expertise. She is nothing short of a miracle worker. Her systematic approach was extremely efficient, very professional, and supportive with every step. My dissertation was of the highest quality because of Jill. I highly recommend her; she is without a doubt the best. I could not have accomplished this without her and cannot thank her enough. Thanks again for everything, Jill. You took my 'ugly ducking' and transformed it into a 'beautiful swan'!"~
Sylvia Rodriguez, Ph.D., California Coast University
Glendale Union High School District, Glendale, AZ

"Without a doubt, Jill Eastwood is a doctoral student's Godsend. Her meticulous approach to editing gave me hope for success where there was no light in the tunnel. Jill spent time with me and was extremely accommodating to my needs and the requirements placed on my doctoral study. There is no question that without Jill's expertise and help I would be lost in a continuous cycle of additional semesters. Hire her now!"~
Ed Koester, Ed.D., Walden University
Cobb County School District, Austell, GA

"My editor, Jill Eastwood, contributed expertise on my doctoral dissertation that reached for the highest standards in writing through her significant effort toward the complete, precise, and refined presentation of my work"~
Vivian Mougios, Ph.D., Long Island University
Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York

"Jill is an extraordinary editor. I located her with 4 months left to complete my doctoral and a dissertation draft that was a disaster. After hiring various editors promising APA expertise, my committee chair would not pass the document because it was not in APA format! Jill professionally and expertly edited my dissertation, leading to final submittal of a document that required absolutely no changes and led to the award of my doctoral degree. Jill is outstanding and remarkably talented"~
Benna Ewig, Ed.D., Argosy University
Commodore Perry School District, Hadley, PA

"Aristotle wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." Jill Eastwood is an outstanding editor, representing fully what Aristotle called "Excellence." Over the course of writing my dissertation, Jill also made the process very manageable. Its collaborative nature allowed me to focus less on format and more on content. I will be forever grateful; thank you Jill"~
Scott Shaw, Ph.D., Capella University
Shaw Financial Services, Martinez, GA

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Jill from start to finish. Her work was thorough and her wordsmithing was quite helpful. I have worked with other editors on prior projects and none have been as meticulous as Jill. I was particularly impressed with her honesty and accuracy in regards to timelines and cost estimates. In all aspects of the process, Jill was a professional"~
Heather Kuhaneck, University of Connecticut
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT

"Jill was extremely knowledgeable, very thorough and a pleasure to work with. Providing me with the utmost support during the editing process of my comprehensive final, she imparted much knowledge and boosted my confidence that I know will help with my future writing endeavors. The quality of her work is impeccable. I am truly grateful for her help and highly recommend her as an editor."~
Janet Hendrickson, M.S., California State University
Communicare, Davis, CA

"The contribution of Jill Eastwood's work to my dissertation was magical. I now know the true meaning of professional editing"~
Geneva Craig, R.N., Ph.D., Walden University
Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage, AK

"Jill's remarkable editorial work 'sets the standard.' Her attention to detail and other personal strengths, which combine a high degree of emotional perception, technical expertise, and desire to provide only the highest-quality work, make her the ideal choice if you are seeking an editor"~
Linda Delehunt, Ed.D., University of the Pacific
State Department of Education, Sacramento, CA

"Jill provided excellent, professional editorial support with my doctoral dissertation. She was consistently available for consultation by telephone, explaining very technical, detailed information in a clear, calm, and concise manner. Her moral support during the dissertation process was invaluable to me"~
Colleen O'Leary-Kelley, R.N., Ph.D., University of California, Nursing School
Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto Health Care System, CA

"Jill is not just an editor. She is a professional who is extraordinarily committed to providing superior editorial support. I had been working on my dissertation for two years and was exhausted from intense work on my literature review, data collection, analysis, interpretation, etc. It was a relief to relinquish my paper for editing--especially since it was going to someone I knew would care for my work as though it were her own. I was amazed at the level of devotion Jill gave to every detail. I could not have finished the paper without her support!"~
Danette Smith, Ed.D.
State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA

"Jill Eastwood assisted me with the editing of my dissertation proposal. The finished product was not only professional, but the flow of the text far improved. It is my opinion that my proposal was accepted upon its first submission because of Jill's wonderful editing; she truly presented my work in its 'best possible light'"~
Gail Barker, Ph.D. Candidate, Kennedy-Western University
University of Arizona, Department of Pathology, Tucson, AZ

"Rather than completing my doctoral degree with a good or average product, my dissertation writing process ended with a masterpiece. There is a distinct difference between writing alone and having a qualified professional, such as Jill Eastwood, work with you. My biggest critic on my committee became my biggest fan"~
Derek Truesdale, Ed.D., University of San Francisco
Northwestern University, Medical School, Chicago, IL

"As any doctoral student will tell you, the dissertation process is chaotic and grueling. Writing my dissertation was one of the most emotionally challenging periods of my life. I am a father of four young daughters, and I have had to balance raising them with working on my doctoral studies and my dissertation for some time now. I am so happy that I found Jill to help me through the process. In my opinion, she is simply the best. After Jill's thorough edit, my dissertation breezed through the seemingly endless checks I was previously experiencing from my committee. Perhaps as valuable as her edit was her knowledge of the process. She knew what the university would do, every step of the way, and was there to calm me down when I panicked. I highly recommend Jill to anyone seeking editorial services. You simply will not be disappointed. In my humble opinion, she is the best at what she does. I am very happy that I used her as my editor and will recommend her to anyone because I know they not be disappointed"~
Mark Jimenez, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV

"Jill Eastwood provided me with professional, accurate, and effective support in editing my doctoral dissertation. There are a number of services that are either not as knowledgeable as they should be, overpriced, slow, or a combination of all of the aforementioned. Jill explained the process, expected time frames and cost estimates very accurately, which made for a very efficient and painless process. I would recommend Jill to anyone requiring professional editing services." ~
Tracy Smith, Ph.D., Capella University
Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, Tampa, FL

"The high quality editorial services of Jill S. Eastwood made a huge difference for me in completing a timely and polished doctoral dissertation. Jill not only helped me meet the precise demands of professional and academic writing, she also provided the encouragement that is so important to achieving success in the dissertation process. If you want your writing to clearly and accurately communicate your vision and knowledge, I recommend that you choose Jill S. Eastwood to be your editor. I did, and it made all the difference"~
Deborah Botch, Ph.D., Walden University
New York State Unified Court System, Albany, NY

"I highly recommend Jill for any editorial work you may need. Her deep concern for her clients was clearly apparent to me throughout the entire time we worked together. Plus, she has the ability to make your content shine through, due to her talent with editing. Jill is very flexible and worked with me on many deadline changes. After she "worked her magic," my committee loved my dissertation! "~
Diane Black, Ed.D., University of Central Florida
Osceola County School District, Kissimmee, FL

"Jill Eastwood was a blessing for me. After struggling with a difficult and frustrating dissertation process, I contacted Jill for editorial help. She did not let me down and worked with me through to completion. I truly feel that I would not have completed the process without her help"~
Julie Lutz, Ed.D., Valdosta State University
Coweta County Department of Education, Sharpsburg, GA

"I used Jill Eastwood's editing services with my doctoral dissertation. Ms. Eastwood promptly and thoroughly edited my document, providing a list of global issues for my consideration along with the specific edits. She thoroughly incorporated the guidelines required by my university, in addition to her APA expertise, and provided detailed phone guidance when needed with no added expense to me. This was not only a huge editorial help, but provided invaluable emotional support throughout the process. I highly recommend using Ms. Eastwood's editing services"~
Phyllis Prince, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University
Greenville County School District, SC

"The support I received from Jill was more than I ever expected. She was always available when I needed her and always willing to answer my questions and show me the proper way. I could not have asked for better service from her. Jill's work was outstanding. I was very happy with the final product; it was something I know I could not have done alone! Working with Jill was a positive experience; one I will surely pass on to others"~
Christie L. Coe, M.S., Walden University
State of New York, Broome Developmental Center, Binghamton, NY

"The editing I received from Jill was a tremendous support in the completion of my dissertation. It resulted in a project that is much clearer, and was completed in less time, saving me numerous revisions"~
Ken Martz, Ph.D., American School of Professional Psychology
Harbour Mental-Health Center & Ken Yoga & Wellness, Baltimore, MD

"Ms. Eastwood is thorough and precise in her work. She consistently provided timely responses, putting me at ease during the doctoral proposal and dissertation process and making it possible for me to successfully complete"~
Paul Kirk, Ed.D., Argosy University
West Virginia Department of Education, Charleston, WV

"I want to acknowledge the high level of care and expertise given toward the completion of my dissertation. Together, with a few other individuals, Jill created an environment within which I could innovate toward positive change and the ultimate completion of my research. Her hard work and expertise contributed greatly to the committee's approval of my proposal during the first review cycle"~
Deborah Lester, Ph.D., Kennedy-Western University
Korry Electronics, Seattle, WA

"After 4 long years of postgraduate work, the assistance I received from Jill Eastwood was just what I needed to enable me to get through the final stages of the process. Jill is an excellent editor and a true APA expert. Her carefully designed system is very process oriented to minimize unnecessary and time-consuming editor-client interface. Most importantly, you will be impressed and proud of your professionally edited document. Jill is a top-notch editor and someone you can trust to get the job done"~
Jean Truscott, Ph.D., Capella University
Chrysler Corporation, Auburn Hills, MI

"I don't know what I would have done if I had not found Ms. Eastwood. She was always there to answer any questions or concerns that I had. With her assistance, I was able to work through those technical areas that led to the approval of my dissertation proposal. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone attending an institution of higher learning, as well as those clinical professionals who are looking to publish"~
Mechell Toles, Ph.D., Walden University
Whitehaven Southwest Mental Health Center, Memphis, TN

"As a nonnative English speaker and clueless when it comes to writing styles, Jill's editing helped me tremendously, and her highly professional handling of my extensive tables and references was superb. Thank you Jill"~
Susanne Terharn, M.S.c., Heriot Watt University
Miller Brewing, Milwaukee, WI

"I worked with Jill Eastwood for 4 years while I was completing my proposal and dissertation. My experience in working with her was excellent. The professional guidance and patience she exhibited while I completed my studies was beyond what was expected. Her knowledge in editing and insistence in completing a perfect paper was also exceptional. It is without reservation that I recommend Jill when editing service is needed. I am very grateful to have worked with her"~
Ileana Gutierrez, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Dade County Public Schools, Miami, FL

"The editorial support services offered by Jill Eastwood are first rate and very professional. She not only edited my doctoral dissertation to perfection, but incorporated her expertise in APA formatting and style. Her further experience with past Walden students made the final university review a breeze. The comment received from the university editor following final review was "This dissertation is a pleasure to read"~
Tracey L. Collins, Ph.D., Walden University
University of Scranton, PA

"Jill offers "top notch" editorial services with expertise in APA style, dependably seeing projects through to completion. Her high expectations for professional document preparation resulted in my committee's full acceptance of my doctoral dissertation. I look forward to working with Jill throughout my career to ensure my professional presentation of future articles and books"~
Catherine Strecker, Ph.D., Capella University
Educational Strategies, Ellinwood, KS

"I worked for what seemed years on my dissertation. When I returned from Afghanistan after my deployment with the Air Force, I knew I had to finish my studies. Conducting the research and applying the various statistical formulas and drawing conclusions were the easy part. The difficult part was putting it all together in a cogent, precise manner that met the dreaded APA standards. After several rewrites and revisions, my committee chairman suggested I consider the use of an APA editor. That's when I found Jill (and thank God I did!). Jill took my rough dissertation and edited it into a document that flew through my committee the first time! Her ability to immediately identify APA formatting requirements was such a tremendous help. Once she had the rough document, she immediately went to work. In less than a month, Jill sent me the edited version of the dissertation. After a couple of phone conferences, it was done! The amazing thing was it seemed as if Jill was right here in Tampa with me. When she says "editorial partnership," she means it! I highly recommend Jill as an editor"~
Chris Reynolds, Ed.D., Argosy University
Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, Tampa, FL

"If you're still looking for a professional expert in APA for your doctoral dissertation, master's thesis, or journal article, I highly recommend Jill Eastwood. Jill provided me with guidance and emotional support throughout my dissertation journey. Her quality of work and editorial talent are unbelievable, so you can stop searching and let her work her magic for you! Thanks so much for everything Jill"~
Ramiro Barriga, Ph.D., Touro University International
Defense Contract Audit Agency, Scottsdale, AZ

"What a difference a professional editor makes. Jill understands the heartbeat of the writer. She edited my thesis so the words leaped directly off the page"~
Michelle Jones, M.S., Walden University
Citigroup Corporation, New York

"Walden University provides assistance for students seeking help with writing skills. Although several types of editing assistance are offered, I decided upon the option of hiring an editor from the recommended Walden list. I requested information from three of the editors and Jill Eastwood was the only one who contacted me promptly by phone. She clearly explained the editorial process and, shortly thereafter, I now have a proposal that is articulate and correct in APA style. It is obvious that Jill understands the writing style and guidelines required by Walden University. Jill is dedicated to her clients and is always available for any questions or concerns. She provides extra assistance and guidance when needed during any hour of the day. My only regret is that I did not contact Jill a year ago"~
Linda Watson, Ph.D. Candidate, Walden University
Millikin University, Decatur, IL

"You are worth your weight in gold! To all those engaged in the dissertation maze, I recommend Jill Eastwood without any reservation"~
Ellen Koretz, Ed.D., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Graduate School of Education, Language Arts and Literacy Education, Lowell, MA

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Dissertation Editing Services
Comprehensive editing of doctoral dissertations, master's theses, journal articles, grant proposals, and books.
Expertise in APA, Turabian, and all major writing styles. Polished final document, ready for submittal, provided.

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